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Hedley Hill Colliey

Dear Craig,

we met briefly at Low Barnes last  Friday (30 May 08)when you asked if you could help.  I think you probably can so here we go.

I've composed this message for our forum and sent a copy to you so we can all share your experience of managing the fell.  I know from looking around Low Barnes and taking in the leaflets as well as wildlife just how well you are all doing.  Might sound daft, having never been to Hedleyhope, at least knowingly, but true.

We're trying desperately hard here in the Pontburn Valley to do all the things that you and your fellow team members in the Durham Wildlife Trust are doing and most recently at Hedley Hill.  I've talked to Jim Corhill, your director, off and on for a while and we'd like to learn from you all.  However, there's a problem: we can't all get over to see you anymore than you can to us,so here's a suggestion.  Let's swap messages like this for a while?  You'll see, if you follow any of the other links in the message what we're about.  And if the links don't always work, bear with me.  I'm no expert and have had to teach myself how to do this since last May!

Please get back to me with a reply to this message if you are interested and in the meanwhile, at least I've included your e-mail address here so others can contact you direct if they prefer If nothing else, I think Issue 5 of the Hedleyhope Herald was really interesting and shows that we don't have to break too much new ground ourselves.  Is this on your own website or can you give us an e-copy that we can put on ours?

Nice to meet you,

Regards, David Shields


Created on 01/06/2008 07:38 AM by dshields
Updated on 01/06/2008 08:23 AM by dshields
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