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Bats in the Pontburn Valley


One of our own resident experts with a particular knowledge and understanding of his subject recently offered to talk with us about some sort of bat survey.  He believes it likely that 7 of the 14 recorded UK species should be in and around the Pontburn Valley. 

Hylton and David Marrs, our Heritage work group leaders, have led the way in showing how effective this way of working can be and we already have a form of birdwatch underway.  Some of you might have noticed this in the shape of the many sitings being reported as comments to our "Bird" Page.

We think we might do the same for bats though clearly not through casual sitings and both our Bird Watch and indeed Bat Watch (if it comes about) need to be better managed and presented on the website to involve the broader community.

Would any existing workgroup in the Pont Valley Network like to carry on this particular line of research, liaising with our expert, working as a group? We have in mind to do another though less grand valley walk, with this particular expert and what ever equipment we have to hand, recording the different calls and, we hope, sighting some of our nocturnal wildlife.  We think that we may also encounter, if fortunate, badgers which have been reported and this would also be useful additional piece of research.

What do you think?  Go to our Link Library and under Nature you wil find a link to more information about what species we might expect to find.  If interested and prepared to get involved, please give us contact details through a comment below or a message on the village forum.


Created on 29/07/2007 09:07 PM by dshields
Updated on 29/07/2007 09:44 PM by dshields
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