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This section of the website identifies organisations and individuals (we call them Partners and Providers).  Most of these are also listed in our Web Links Section but those listed in this section work with us very directly as members of the Pont Valley Network and may not have websites of their own. These are our partners, we provide mutual support and there is no financial cost to these.

All of the Partners and Providers shown in this section have been recommended by members, either by direct feedback to us, or through discussions on our Village Forum.  In some cases these might be commercial concerns as well as community support organisations that offer products or services or sometimes both. We intend to regularly add new Providers as we seek them out, or as you bring them to our attention through our Website or Village Forum discussions.

Being a member of the Pont Valley Net is free to all Pont Valley Net members as we said earlier. But like any organisation, we have running costs and have to pay our way. In the directory you will  see that some Providers have a short entry giving just their contact details (these entries are free of change, like Yellow Pages). Others have paid for an expanded entry, which includes 50 words about their products or services. These are advertisers.

To give feedback on the quality of service you receive from a Partner,Provider or Avertiser, to suggest new Providers, Providers or Advertisers for us to add, or to seek further information on our Providers - please contact us through the Village Forum 

We will shortly add a link here - Information for Partners - How to be listed in this Directory  and another link here Information for Providers - How to be listed or advertise through our media.

If you know of any more than those listed, please send a message to forum or add details by using the comment facility below.





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